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Privacy Fence

Our yards are an extension of our home and therefore we look to ensure that we have the same level of privacy when it comes to spending time in the exterior of our property as we do when inside our homes. With the compact nature of properties today, it can be hard to avoid outside gazes even when within our own property. This is where the addition of a quality privacy fence can provide you with the freedom and security you’re looking for.

Privacy fences are designed to conceal your yard from neighbors and passersby and may also lend a decorative element to your landscape. There are many different styles of privacy fences, but they can be categorized and compared based on the material used to build them. Masonry, vinyl, wood or vegetative fences offer different advantages and disadvantages, so the privacy fence that’s right for you depends on your needs, budget and time.

Planting hedges, shrubs or small trees along your property lines can provide a living privacy fence that isn’t as restricted by local bylaws and building codes. In yards where space is at a premium, columnar evergreens such as Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) provide a simple solution for privacy in mild or Mediterranean climates. Living fences add a natural appeal to your yard, which is useful if you’re limited on planting space, but they require far more maintenance than your basic fence materials. Hedges and shrubs must be trimmed and properly maintained, and they don’t offer the security against intruders that a wood or concrete fence provides.

When choosing to bring in the expert fence contractors at Grand Prairie, TX Fences for your privacy fence needs, you can count on us to bring you the range of choice you need when it comes to style, design, and material choice in order to provide you with a privacy fence you can count on that doesn’t sacrifice on aesthetic. Whatever you have in mind when you look upon your property, you can count on our experts to take that image and to turn it into a reality through quality installation and unparalleled experience in the area.

Pool Fence

Having a pool on your property is one of those benefits that many homeowners in the city strive towards and ensuring that you can enjoy your pool in privacy and safety can be an important aspect of this installation choice. This can be especially beneficial when it comes to homes with younger children in order to serve both as a means of privacy and access control. Whatever the reason behind your privacy fence, you can depend on our experts to put the full weight of our experience behind delivering a result that you can count on for efficiency and aesthetic benefit.

Privacy fences are naturally taller and impenetrable structures, which can sometimes detract from the overall appearance of these installations. When working with our professionals, you have the range of capability and choice required to have an installation put into place that not only delivers on your needs but also serves to add to the overall appearance of your property. Whether looking into and blue fencing, lattice fence topping or otherwise, making the choice to reach out our professionals will provide you with the capability to have an installation in a place that only delivers a practical benefit but looks great at the same time as well.

Same Level of Choice

Whether it’s the material, the design or the structure of your fence installation, Grand Prairie, TX Fences always looks to provide you with the highest level of choice when it comes to the services we provide. Whether you’re looking to have privacy fencing brought to your property, to get reliable fence repairs or gate replacement, choosing to lean on the expertise that our professionals bring to your needs will ensure that we work closely with you in order to determine your needs and to provide you the means to make them a reality through quality and affordability.