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Wood Fencing and Gates

Wood has been one of the most popular fencing materials across the country for many years. Whether we’re looking back to the initial days of split rail fence installations used for farmland or the growing popularity of wood fence options across the Grand Prairie area over the last few decades, looking to this particular material will ensure that you have a naturally beautiful fence installed on your property and the capability to depend on that installation to last for years to come.

Wood fences are widely used due to them being able to resist decay and rot. Also, they come in a variety of other wood types as well. Fence posts should be pressure treated due to them having constant contact with the ground and being exposed to moisture and insects. The boards of the fence don’t need to be pressure treated since they are above the ground. Having your wood pressure treated contains chemicals that help keep away water and bugs from damaging the wood.

If you get a new fence installed, wait about a year before staining or painting it. This will allow the chemicals used on your wood to dry out. If your fence isn’t dry then, you will end up sealing moisture in when you paint. Sealing in moisture can lead to rotting and decay. Pressure-treating your wood ensures it’s protected from fungal decay and termites. However, your wood can be affected by swelling, shrinking, cracking, and warping. Therefore, it’s essential not to overlook the maintenance that will be needed for your fence.

Wood Choices

When looking for when fence panels and options for your property built, you have a variety of different wood species available too. Whether you’re looking for cedar, maple or bamboo fencing, you can count on the experts at Grand Prairie, TX Fences to provide you with the range of choice you’re looking for. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer across the Grand Prairie area has the access required for the perfect fence installation, making building a fence a process that you are involved in and set the course for. If you have an image in mind when it comes to your fence, you can trust our experts to deliver.

We not only provide you with the fence installation you’re looking for but also deliver a range of choices when it comes to accentuating your fence build. Whether you’re looking for a lattice fence, a particular wood gate type or otherwise, you have the range of choice you’re looking for available when you make the call to Grand Prairie, TX Fences. We are here to take the image that you have in your mind and to turn it into a reality on your property and in order to do so bring you the widest range of choice.

Wood Fence Repair

Dealing with any form of damages to your wood fence is something that requires immediate attention in order to maintain the aesthetic and utility of these installations. Whether someone has accidentally backed into your fence or it has suffered from storm damage, choosing our services will bring you the fence repair you need by providing the highest quality fencing materials in each of our services. We not only have the capability to bring back the look of your fence but also to ensure that you have the strength and reliability you count on returned.

Fence Types

Choosing wood is your fence material choice provides you with a wide variety of options in terms of fence design and utility. Whether you’re looking for a picket fence, dog fence, vinyl fence, garden fence or any other specific and personalized installation type, making the choice to reach out our professionals will provide you with the range of options you’re looking for and the high-quality fence installations our experts are known for. If you’re looking for the most attractive and reliable wood fence installation in the Grand Prairie area, choosing to reach out to our experts as the first step in the right direction.