Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates

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Wrought Iron Fencing and Gates

If you find yourself looking to make a statement with your fence installation, bringing your property a truly personalized and unique appearance, then looking into wrought iron fencing can be just the choice for you. Though not as common a material type in the Grand Prairie area currently, we still ensure that we bring the highest range of choice when it comes to fence installation options and this is but another avenue of choice that we deliver to our clients across the city.

An iron railing is a fence made of iron. This may either be wrought iron, which is ductile and durable and may be hammered into elaborate shapes when hot, or the cheaper cast iron, which is of low ductility and quite brittle.

Wrought iron has become an exceptionally popular material for both commercial and residential projects, and this is due to the many advantages it has over other metals, wood, and brick. For those that have begun their own project and are asking themselves how long does wrought iron last, here is a look at its average lifespan and some of the factors that will affect the durability of wrought iron.

Wrought iron can be integrated into almost any design imaginable, and this has made it one of the leading options for outdoor furniture, design fixtures, and fences. When properly cared for, wrought iron that is left outdoors will often last for well past an individual’s lifetime, often for 60 years or longer. There are some things to take into consideration, however, when it comes to the lifespan of wrought iron. Primarily, this will come down to its upkeep, maintenance, and the climate.

Timeless Appeal

When you look at historic buildings and other majestic properties, a wrought iron fence is almost a given. This particular type of construction conveys an air of class while also bringing a slightly American Gothic appearance to properties. When looking for the services of professionals that are capable of bringing you a wrought iron fence installation that will truly stand out, turning to the expertise of Grand Prairie, TX Fences will bring you a result that you will be proud to show off. No matter your material choice, you can always expect us to put the full weight of our experience into it.

One of the benefits that wrought iron brings to your property is the level of unparalleled strength, which can make it the perfect choice for security fencing and your gate is an important aspect of that construction. Whether you’re looking for an automatic gate installation or need repairs brought to your current fence gate, you can count on our professionals to bring you the widest range of fence repair services that cover every material choice from wood to wrought iron, vinyl fence gate to a fence post. Whatever the aspect of your fencing that requires attention, you can depend on our professionals.

Qualified Repair

We also turn our attention to the material makeup of your fence as a whole, providing you with the assistance you need when it comes to obtaining fence repair you can count on. As the owner of a wrought iron fence, they can be hard to find the right professionals to provide you with the repair services you need, which is one of the main reasons why we focus on bringing professional service to care for these particular fence installations. When you need a result you can count on, we invite you to reach out to our fencing contractors.

Regional Services

Though our offices are located in the Grand Prairie area, we are dedicated to bringing services to Texas properties across the region. Whether you live in Arlington, Irving or Cockrell Hill, making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our professionals will provide you with the immediate response you’re looking for no matter where your property rests. When you need the assistance of skilled fencing contractors for installation, repair or replacement services, you can depend on us to be there with just a short phone call. We are here to ensure that you can depend on your fence for the life of your property.